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This book is as aspirational as it is inspirational, come away with a sense of optimism and reverence for the human spirit

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Leaders across the Tri-State rave about Issa Musharbash’s first book, ‘Go Back To Your Country’. Hear what they had to say about this modern age immigration story!

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Issa Musharbash

Author, speaker, father, entrepreneur, and community leader — Issa Musharbash is a recognized leader and founder of Provident Legacy and it’s family of companies. His iconic book “Go Back To Your Country” surfaces conversations of immigration, leadership, entrepreneurship, and the transformative story of an immigrant boy from Jordan who settled in the United States. The story of finding family, love, and faith resulted from his own adversity serves as the American immigrant story of the 21st Century.
“This book will empower you to overcome adversity and put you on the track of success!”
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