“Go Back to Your Country” is an awe-inspiring book by an immigrant author. As Issa describes his family’s difficult journey to the U.S followed by his challenging teenage life, you can’t help but feel what he felt. He uplifts and inspires the reader by overcoming the lowest points of his life.  He finds love in his life and success in business. I hope that others who encounter challenges in life will be encouraged by the uplifting message of this book. It is truly an only-in-America story!

James Davis
City of Bayonne, NJ

As a Chaplain to the New York Yankees and others in the sports arena, I can smell a spirit of winning from miles away. “Go Back to your Country” is a captivating and promising immigration story that showcases the power of building a dream against all odds. This is the immigration story of the 21st century!

Willie Alfonso
New York Yankees and Brooklyn Nets

“Go Back to your Country” is a true story of an immigrant boy defying all odds against him and becoming an American entrepreneur. The book is not only filled with tremendous tales of determination and persistence in the grave of hardships, you’ll find revealing truths on leadership development. Today, I serve as the CEO of a Real Estate Brokerage that this “immigrant boy” founded and can attest to his true mark of extraordinary leadership. It is my hope that as you read through the pages of this book, you uncover the leadership principles woven into Issa’s journey. This book is truly a personal and yet practical guide to creating a legacy of greatness.

Giselle Llerena
Chief Executive Officer
Provident Legacy Real Estate Services

Giants can be defeated by underdogs. Around 1020 BC a famous battle took place approximately 90 miles away from Amman, Jordan, the birthplace of the author. It was a battle known for the victory of a young underdog named David who overcame a giant named Goliath. Goliath represents the obstacles, rejection, limitations, intimidation, stereotypes, biases, prejudice, and discrimination that many immigrants like myself face. In “Go Back to your Country” Issa Musharbash shares his compelling and inspirational story as a young immigrant who overcame the odds of achieving success and bears witness to the truth – underdogs can succeed and overcome giants.

Paula Rodriguez
Co-Founder & Lead Pastor
The Cityline Church

While our country is divided on issues like immigration, Go Back to your Country! becomes a symbol of unity. The author welcomes us into an intimate view of his family’s experience coming to America. What a genuinely refreshing read! As an immigrant myself, I personally connected and identified with the struggles, hopes and leaps of fulfilling a dream. The heartfelt narrative brought me closer to another culture and helped me see how similar we are in our shared experiences and humanity as immigrants. “Go Back to your Country” is timely and raises important questions of our times. Foreign or native, you’ll need this book in your collection.

Olga Levina
Founder & Artistic Director
Jersey City Theater Center

“Go Back to your Country” is one of those rare stories that you wish was yours but would not want to actually live through it. This book is much more than an immigrant success story, it’s packed with redemption, perseverance, love, and loving oneself. I highly recommend “Go Back to your Country” to anyone who desires inspiration for life’s tough battles not from a step-by-step process, but rather from a thrilling and immersive read.

Victor Ng
Founder and Partner
City Standard Data & Clear Skies Title

The. Wow. Factor. Inspiration in its most organic, raw form!  Invest the time for you and your team to read “Go Back to your Country” and simply thank the author later. This book mimics powerful professional gasoline!  Every leader requires it. My entire team is reading this book.

Dana B. Cadena
Keller Williams Realty
Certified Real Estate Trainer leading 1,500+ agents

Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny. Real life experiences are often more remarkable, full of unpredictable beauty and strange surprises than fictional stories. “Go Back to your Country” is a story of escalating hope in an astonishing immigration journey. This book will certainly inspire many people in the United States and around the world!

Duda Penteado
Co-Founder & Film Director
Unshakeable Productions

Issa just hit the nail on the head with his dynamic and inspirational book “Go Back to your Country” Do yourself a favor and buy two books, one for yourself and another for the next generation. Having published 1000+ books during my career inside the publishing world, there has not been a book so timely and relevant. This book is an arrow pointed across a divided nation and I truly believe it hit its “Target” this season.

Peter Lopez
Author, Publisher & Speaker

His separation from his mother coupled with seeing how determined she was to get her children back through much peril, I’ve come to understand where Issa gets his grit and I admire his hustle! Like an open vessel, embracing key advice from his mother & mentors propelled him to the top. And with character like that, he can only continue to soar. Go Back to your Country is a book to keep for generations to come.

Francine Mikhail
Executive Editor

“Go Back to your Country” is far more than a motivational book! It’s a case study on the human potential. In a world of quick fixes, this story demonstrates how true success begins from within and long-lasting success requires relentless commitment and enduring resolve. This book can inspire you to change the trajectory of your life. Pick it up now!

Rev. Cleo Santiago
Clinical Chaplain
Hudson County Department of Corrections

Despite the increasing potential of technology to share our experiences with one another, as individuals Americans seem increasingly ideologically polarized and isolated—seeing only the lived experiences and stories of those who are just like ourselves. Go Back to Your Country provides the opportunity to see an American life through another’s eyes. The locations and characters may not be familiar, but every reader can empathize with the lasting pain of childhood bullies, the complacency cultivated by an indifferent boss, and the unceasing determination of a loving parent.

Issa Musharbash offers an intimate look at a young life shaped by the complexities of family, culture and country. Yet in the face of these overwhelming forces which would seem to predetermine his life paths, Issa demonstrates there are always alternatives. His story shows the importance of resilience, and the way this resilience is cultivated by both faith in oneself and meaningful connections with others. Issa’s simple narrative style feels like reminiscing with an old friend who casually offers the benefit of their own wisdom without judgment. Yet Issa is still a young man–I look forward to seeing what he does next and I’m proud to call him a friend!

Jerusha Achterberg, MA, MPH
Continuing Education/Special Program Instructor, Division of Continuing Education, Harvard University
Module Director, Office for External Education, Harvard Medical School