A Taste of Opportunity – Chapter 3

Only a very small taste, just about 3 years. This is how long we stayed in America the first time around. In this chapter we will follow the story of how Lidia and her husband, Isam packed up their entire life including their three young children and moved to America to follow their dream to the land of opportunities. A short-lived dream it was as it only lasted three years. Enough however to give her young boys, born and raised in Jordan a taste of opportunity. As we see the couple struggle in America, the tension in their marriage becomes more apparent. A marriage that was never in agreement from the beginning, as it was arranged by the families of the bride and groom not so much the couple themselves. As Lidia’s husband struggles to find work, life becomes more and more challenging.

As we read of the troubles the immigrant family has to face, I want to ask a few questions about how we approach new families:

What is your idea of the American family?

What consideration do we give to immigrants? I like to call them‚ new Americans. Perhaps when we see them in a store or at school.

Do we think about what they might be going through and what struggles they may be experiencing?

I invite you to challenge your own perception of new Americans and consider if your view may have altered already.